Keeping the Borders Open

(2002) Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

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The Eight Agricultural and Food Policy Information Workshop was held March 7-9, 2002 in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The workshop organizers wish to thank the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Research Network (University of Guelph - University of Saskatchewan - Laval Université), Cargill, Ltd., Farm Foundation, Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación (SAGARPA), Senado de la República - México, United States Department of Agriculture (AMS, ERS, FAS) for generously providing funding for this workshop and the dissemination of its proceedings.


Keeping the Borders Open. R.M.A. Loyns, Karl Meilke, Ronald D. Knutson and Antonio Yunez-Naude, eds. Proceedings of the Eighth Agricultural and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop. Winnipeg, Canada: Friesen Printers, January 2004.

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Executive Summary Publication

"Keeping the Borders Open: Conclusions and Recommendations" --edited by Ron Knutson and Rene Ochoa

Full Proceedings

Full Proceedings (Large File 4,481KB) --edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, Karl Meilke and Antonio Yunez-Naude

Proceedings Executive Summary

Executive Summary --edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, Karl Meilke and Antonio Yunez-Naude

Section 1: Health, Plant and Animal Protection and Food Safety

"Health, Plant and Animal Protection, and Food Safety: WTO and NAFTA"
-- Paul Haddow

Section 2: Three Commodity Studies

"Sanitary Barriers and International Trade Governance Issues for the NAFTA Beef Market" --William A. Kerr

"U.S.-Mexico Free Trade: Animal Health Issues" --G. Gale Wagner

"Mexico-U.S. Avocado Trade Expansion" --David Orden

"Discussion --Mexico-U.S. Avocado Trade Expansion" --Robert MacDonald

"Trade and Policy Implications of the Wheat Disease Karnal Bunt" --Robert Riemenschneider

"Discussion --Wheat Karnal Bunt and Other Grain Disease Issues" --W.M. Miner

"Access to Pesticides as a Source of Trade Dispute" --Cameron Short and David Freshwater

"Discussion --Access to Pesticides as a Source of Trade Disputes" --Thomas E. Elam

"Policy Options for Open Borders in Relation to Animal and Plant Protection and Food Safety" --Spencer Henson and Maury Bredahl

"Discussion --Mexican Pork Council" --Enrique Domínguez

Section 3: Domestic Trade Remedy Law: Required Safequard or Dispute Generator

"Trading Remedies to Remedy Trade: The NAFTA Experience" --Beatriz Leycegui and Mario Ruiz Cornejo

"Discussion --Trading Remedies to Remedy Trade: The NAFTA Experience" --Kathleen Macmillan

"Discussion --Trading Remedies to Remedy Trade: The NAFTA Experience" --Carol Goodloe

"Trade Dispute Settlement Procedures in the NAFTA" --Françoy Raynauld

"Trade Remedy Actions in NAFTA Agriculture and Agri-Food Industries" --Linda M. Young, John Wainio, and Karl Meilke

Section 4: Four Commodity Studies in Trade Remedy Laws

"Anti-Dumping in Agriculture Between Canada and the United States: Two Cases of Tomatoes" --Richard Barichello

"Discussion --NAFTA Tomato Dumping Cases" --Linda Calvin

"Manitoba Corn Growers Association Inc. vs U.S. Corn Exports (An Application of Regional Market Rules under Canadian Trade Remedy Law)" --R.M.A. Loyns

"Discussion --Manitoba Corn Growers Association Versus U.S. Corn Exports" --Rick Tolman

"Trade Disputes in an Unsettled Industry: Mexican Sugar" --Kenneth Shwedel and Alejandro Ampudia

"Discussion --Trade Disputes in an Unsettled Industry: Mexican Sugar" --Ben Goodwin

"The Section 301 Action and Effects of the Canadian Wheat Board on U.S. Hard Red Spring and Amber Durum Wheat" --William W. Wilson and Bruce L. Dahl

"Discussion --U.S. Section 301 Investigation of Canadian Wheat Trading Practices" --Terry Norman

"Trade Remedy Laws and NAFTA Agricultural Trade" --Colin A. Carter and Caroline Gunning-Trant

Section 5: Overall Assessment and Conclusions

"A Policy Leadership Commission for NAFTA" --Ronald D. Knutson and R.M.A. Loyns

"Discussion --A Policy Leadership Commission for NAFTA?" --Françoy Raynauld

Al Loyns (Prairie Horizons Ltd), senior editor
David P. Ernstes (Texas A&M University), PDIC webmaster

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