Economic Harmonization in the Canadian/U.S./Mexican Grain-Livestock Subsector

(1998) Lake Louise, Manitoba, Canada

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The 4th Agriculture and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop was held on April 22-25, 1998, in Lake Louise, Canada. This conference focused on the integration of the grain/livestock sectors across the three countries. It was attended by policy economists from universities and governments, and business/interest group representatives from each of the three signatories of NAFTA. The coordinators of the workshop were: Ron Knutson, Agricultural and Food Policy Center, Texas A&M University; Karl Meilke, University of Guelph; Fred Woods, CSREES/USDA, Washington, D.C.; Jack Gellner, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa; and Al Loyns, Prairie Horizons Ltd., Winnipeg.

The workshop organizers wish to thank Farm Foundation, the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the United States Department of Agriculture (CSREES, FAS, AMS), Cargill Limited, the Royal Bank of Canada and Saskatchewan Wheat Pool for generously providing funding for this workshop and the dissemination of its proceedings.

Economic Harmonization in the Canadian/U.S./Mexican Grain-Livestock Subsector. R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, and Karl Meilke, eds. Proceedings of the Fourth Agricultural and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop. Winnipeg, Canada: Friesen Printers, December 1998.

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Preliminary Report

Competitiveness in the Canadian/U.S./Mexican Grain-Livestock Subsector -- Ronald D. Knutson

Full Proceedings

Full Proceedings (Large File 1,143K) --edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson and Karl Meilke

Executive Summary

Executive Summary --edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson and Karl Meilke

Section 1 --Economic Perspectives on Competitiveness

"Economic Perspectives on Competitiveness under NAFTA and WTO" --Thomas L. Sporleder and Larry J. Martin

Discussion --Economic Perspectives on competitiveness Under WTO, NAFTA, and FTAA --Murry Fulton

Section 2 --Structural Developments in the Grain-Livestock Subsector

"Structural Developments in the U.S. Grain Subsector" --Gary Adams and Linda Young

"Structural Developments in the Canadian Grains and Oilseeds Sector" --Kurt Klein and Gary Storey

Discussion --Canadian Seed Trade Association --Bill Leask

Discussion --Sparks Companies, Inc. --Ron Gibson

"The North American Livestock Industry: A U.S. Perspective" --David Anderson, James Mintert, and Gary Brester

"Structural Developments in the Canadian Livestock Subsector: Strategic Positioning Within the Continental Market" --Jill E. Hobbs and William A. Kerr

Discussion --National Cattlemen's Beef Association --Chuck Lambert

Discussion --Cargill Limited --Barb Isman

Discussion --National Pork Producers Council --Steve Meyer

Discussion --Canadian Pork Council --Martin Rice

An Overview of Some of the Comments from the General Discussion

"Structural Developments in the Mexican Grain-Livestock Subsector: The Grain and Oilseed Subsector" --Beatriz Avalos-Sartorio

"Structural Developments in the Mexican Livestock Subsector: The Case of Feeder Cattle and Beef Production" --Roberto Aceves-Avila and Enrique Lopez Lopez

"Small-Scale Corn and Livestock Mexican Farmers" --Antonio Yunez-Naude

Discussion --SERFIN --Salomon Salcedo-Baca

Section 3 --Transportation

"Future Transportation Developments in the U.S./Canada/Mexico Grains-Livestock Subsector Under NAFTA and WTO" --Barry E. Prentice and William W. Wilson

Discussion --AGRI Industries --Marty J. McVey

Section 4 --Institutional Factors Influencing Harmonization and Competitiveness

"Agriculture, Trade and Structural Policy under NAFTA and WTO" --Don McClatchy and Dave Schweikhardt

"Environmental Policy Considerations in the Grain/Livestock Subsectors in Canada, Mexico and the United States" --Dave Ervin and Glenn Fox

Section 5 --Implications, Research Needs and Future Direction

Discussion --American Farm Bureau Federation --Terry Francil

Discussion --Saskatchewan Wheat Pool --Shelly Thompson

Discussion --Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, Mexico --Roberto Aceves-Avila

Discussion --Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada --Ken Ash

Discussion --National Cattlemen's Beef Association --Chuck Lambert

An Overview of Some of the Comments from the General Discussion

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